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Solar Power and the Build-Out

It takes a village to power The First Coast Airstream.

Cilla lit up from her very own solar panels!

Cilla lit up from her very own solar panels!

It's been three months of work (on-and-off, summers in Maine are when we try to "make money" so finding extra carpenter help has been hard) and the Airstream is almost ready to roll!

In June and July, woodworker and designer Seth Brayton lended a helping hand to the project. Seth built TFC's recording bench. The bench will have cushions, made by our friend Aaron, and will be surrounded by a soundblocking curtain when we're doing interviews. It's a great place to meet, interview, and work. And a comfortable place to sleep for our resident artists, too! 

Once we figured out the interior design of the Airstream, I started to panic. How would we rig Cilla with power? Who do I know who can get us powered for free? This project has a small budget, and I needed to find an angel... enter: Adrian. 

In August, 2017 Adrian brought his van to Kennebunk and towed Cilla over to his home in Portland, Maine. Cilla has had a lot of homes, but Adrian's house was one of my favorites! We had a sweet little woodshop to work in, and great company. Adrian lives in Portland with his wife, and they were the best Airstream hosts I could ask for. In just a month, we had Cilla rigged with solar and the lights and outlets powered by the sun! 

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