The First Coast

Lubec Soundwalk

The First Coast’s Lubec Soundwalk is a .2 mile walk through Lubec’s downtown. You can find a map of this walk at the Lubec Brewing Company’s Tasting Room. If you don’t have a smart phone, please check out an mp3 player from the Lubec Brewing Company’s Taasting Room.

The walk begins at the Lubec Brewing Company, 41 South Water Street in Lubec. You will find instructions within the walk itself. Please pay attention to roadways while you walk, and to other travelers on your course.

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This soundwalk is produced by Galen Koch © 2019.

Special thanks to Josie Holtzman and Isaac Kestenbaum, the town of Lubec, interview participants, the Riar family, Bunky Tinker, Lubec Memorial Library, Lubec Landmarks, Lubec Historical Society, Lubec Brewing Company, The Kindling Fund, Maine Humanities Council, The Grapheteria, the Fund for Maine Islands, and Greta Rybus. And special thanks to all of our family and loved ones who put up with us during creative bursts.