The First Coast

Places / Work

From Casco Bay to the Bold Coast, TFC spans over 500 miles along Maine's craggy coastline.

The First Coast is dedicated to telling stories of Maine's year-round coastal communities. Our trips take up to one month, and we travel to three towns per year. In Spring 2018, The First Coast visited the island of Deer Isle (including the towns Deer Isle and Stonington), and the town of Lubec. In Fall 2018, The First Coast Airstream will travel to Jonesport and Beals Island from October 15 - November 12.

Interviews + Conversations

The First Coast’s Lead Producer and Founder, Galen Koch, conducts most of the oral history interviews while on the road. In each town, Galen partners with one or more photographers to capture professional quality images of the stories, experiences, people, and places recorded.

Interviews can range from sharing just a few stories around a dinner table, to hours-long life-history interviews. It is the interviewee’s decision what they want to tell. Interview excerpts are shared on TFC’s Blog, IG, and in community exhibits.

Amanda Lyons photographed by  Greta Rybus , 2018.

Amanda Lyons photographed by Greta Rybus, 2018.

Community Engagement

The First Coast is a collection of stories, sounds, images, and ideas collected and exhibited in specific communities along the Maine coast. In order to be the best possible storytellers we can be, we need the support and engagement of each community. The artists and documentarians work with residents and community organizations to produce intimate portraits of the town, its people, and the their evolving maritime identity. We also ask residents to tell us who their favorite storytellers are and we ask what favorite sounds or histories or myths should be documented.

These are stories By Mainers, For Mainers.


Digitizing + Consulting

The First Coast offers digitizing services to town residents and organizations. If you have VHS, cassette tapes, or 16mm or 8mm film reels, please contact to discuss digitizing your home videos! By collaborating with TFC (allowing your videos to be used for exhibits), you receive FREE services. TFC partners with Northeast Historic Film for some digitizing services.

Historical societies are also encouraged to get in touch. Along with our partners at College of the Atlantic and the Island Institute, The First Coast is working to create a database of available oral history interviews in Washington and Hancock Counties. We would love to include your archive in the database! TFC also offers information about formatting and labeling best practices.

The work by many Maine communities to document and record local stories is priceless, and TFC wants to preserve and share that work.

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