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Okay, okay, okay... I know I haven't written about Cilla for 5 months but that's only because the work has been so intense!

I wanted to post a little something to show the vast amount of work that's gone into the Airstream in the past couple of months. I've had so much help, it's been amazing. We're getting ready to tow the old girl down south (to Arundel, Maine) and begin the process of building out the interior sound booth and small kitchenette. 

A list of all the things I've repaired on Cilla to date (I hope to give a more detailed account of these repairs, for all your Airstreamers out there)... She has new gaskets on all the windows, caulking in all the right places, new LED running lights and working tail, stop, turn lights, her brakes work! And she has a new brake wire. All her electrical is intact, but I'm waiting on a solar set-up. She's got a NEW PLYWOOD FLOOR and complete paint job, with new insulation on the bottom half (ugh, a rude awakening when I realized I had to remove the bottom panels after I already painted them... d'oh!) and I installed new screens on the windows, refurbished the screen door, and installed a nifty door knob! And, my crowning achievement, I installed three new vents on the roof! 

Airstream renovation is a lot of work! I can't wait to see what happens next... Take a tour through the slideshow above to see some of the work on Cilla!

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