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Steady Progress, FIRST TOW!

With the arrival of summer, The First Coast Airstream has moved to a new location! I'm grateful to Theron Wentworth and the Spadone family for letting the Airstream park on their land in Kennebunk, Maine (check out the Spadone sibling's design work at This new location will allow TFC's woodworkers to start the build out! 

I can't wait to see The First Coast Airstream take shape!

It's been a rapid and crazy couple of weeks getting Cilla ready for the tow. My least favorite task was, without a doubt, fastening a new belly pan to her undercarriage. Wow! Working underneath this beast in 75 degree weather was uncomfortable enough, but holding up 7' pieces of aluminum and screwing into the steel frame was really, really taxing. I can't believe it's done. 

Check out the photos below to see Cilla's progress. We have working windows, a competed floor, a tight and fastened belly pan, and (most) of the her holes patched! Also, check out those beautiful screens and screen door! I loved learning how to put on new screens. 

Special thanks to Pete Collin, the tow-master extraordinaire! And the original donor of TFC's Airstream. Pete makes this project possible!

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